Qualificationing training for professional drivers in Ludwigsburg

Updates of Qualifications of professional drivers according to road transport

Do you want to carry on doing professional road transport with a gross weight beyond 3,5t (EU- Driving license classes of group “C “) ? Until the 10th of September 2019 you have to attend 5 more modular update training qualifications/ 7h each, for to renew  the professional driving license for road transport (number “95” within the license classes)  up to the 10th of September 2024 according to the grandfathering . One should do one session per year to have a relaxed way of doing the entire updates till 2024.

Updates ??

The Update packages and units shall put a focus  technical and economical innovations of the market and has to immerse again basic know how.

What part plays the EU basically, what does the grandfathering clause mean and is it feasible to have written comprehension tests?

Infinitely the EU has offered you an  apprenticeship diploma of a professional driver because you reached the  driving license before the 10th of September 2009. Therefore you are mainly under the statute of grandfathering according to the driving license! Everybody who wants to make or has made his driving license after the 10th of September 2009 has to make a 3 year apprenticeship as a professional driver for road transport including lots of practical units (called the basic iprofessional driver for road transport qualification) and parts of freight forwarders and master of logistics.

The fundamental idea is the fact of professional drivers within the grandfathering clause are going to be retreated within the next couple of years. We may “walk” together?

The EU proposal helding written comprehension tests should be divisevly discussed  because most of the professional drivers for road transport under the clause of grandfathering are going to be retreated within the next years.

Calculate: 10th of September 2009 less 18 years - the potential example in extreme is born in 1991 - this “last man standing” under the grandfathering clause would has been going to be retreated in 2056. As we know, most of the driver under the grandfathering clause come out of the birth year range 1955-1975; therefore these drivers will be retreated between 2020-2045.

We want to be different

Extremely rude practices are training groups of more than 40 or training facilities who offer 5 abbreviated modular training units within 2 days and a false certification. One can talk about criminal energy. Close to that is the fact that certificates can be bought on the black market.  Talking about a zero tolerance policy the jurisdiction is to be found within the federal state. Therefore these incidents are to be stopped quicker because reasonable and honest lecturers have to make efforts to have constant updates of the modular units.

By means of the duty of documentation of the qualification units the groups and the single names could be checked easily. First choice should be an electronical  adjustment. The proof of presence could be stored on the digital drivers card for example for to work against the misuse. (How many years did it take to come to a forgery-proof health insurance card with a photo?)

When talking about the reissuing of driving licenses the public authority handle the controls of certificates different.

Lecturers of the modular qualification should not only make attendance controls but should make vivid and understandable lessons according to their practical background.

For further information you may contact
Mr. Reinhard Kuhn
Fon: +49 (0)7141 - 270 272,
E-Mail: ReinhardKuhn@Optimal-Kurier.de

Or our cooperation partner
Mr. Peter Neumann
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E-Mail: Schulung@pn-hds.de
Internet: www.pn-hds.de

Information and registration for qualification training of professional drivers

Detailed information and legal framework is to be found within a pdf document 
and an application to sign in.

» Application and registration form as pdf [07/2015]


Questions of substance


Modul 1: Eco Training
1. Scheduling practice
2. How to acquire an economical driving style

Modul 2: (Social) legal framework for professional road transport
1. Actual traffic specifications
2. Socilal legal framework
3. Legal Framework for roadtransport

Modul 3: Safety technology and driving safety
1. To become aware of traffic danger and industrial accidents
2. Evaluation of emergency situations
3. Driving safety and safety systems

Modul 4: Driver as a pivotal position: Service provider, responsible body, professional
1. Market background of road transport
2. The public reputation of the company
3. Migrant smuggling and delinquency
4. Prevention of health damages
5. The Meaning of a good bodycally and physically condition.

Modul 5: Freight securing
1. Intro
2. Responsibilities
3. Physics
4. Load balancing and utilitary volume
5. Different sort of loads
6. Different types of safety mechanisms
7. Use of retaining jigs
8. How to check retaining jigs
9. Loading and unloading
10. Further freight securing methods

The qualification modules are to be arbitrarily sequenced. The participating groups can be single or company relvant. Minimum number of participants is 8 and maximum 20 per module and date.

Class rooms are to be certified and fixed through PN-HDS www.pn-hds.de

Company qualification can be held in the companies facilities but have to be individually certified.

Mutable groups can have dates and topics of the following lectures. It stands to reason that  company qualifications can ask for own topic input within the lectures.

For company qualifications please ask for further information and customized offering.


Photos of various lectures for professional drivers


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